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Hi, my name is Clay West. I started Urban Cowboy Apparel in the later part of 2015. My vision for starting this company was to bring you, the consumer, not just a brand, but a way of life. Urban Cowboy strives everyday to inspire customers to live the "Cowboy Dream."

Let's start from the beginning. I grew up in Arvada, Colorado where I was the 7th generation to live on the original homestead.  As far back as I can remember, my family has been in the livestock business.  My grandfather, father, and uncle owned a rodeo business, Bar W Slash. I grew up surrounded by the true cowboy spirit of loyalty, honesty, and hard work. Today, my grandfather is retired, my father and uncle own West Brothers, and I am working toward sharing the cowboy spirit. My father builds saddles while my uncle raises and trades horses. Growing up, I always knew I would follow my western roots, but I didn't know it would be combined with my mother's entrepreneurial instinct. She owns and operates a very successful online store. Combining these two backgrounds, Urban Cowboy Apparel was formed.

Urban Cowboy Apparel is not just another clothing company. Our mission statement is Safety's Off. I want all our customers to live by this motto everyday. By this I mean, get out of your comfort zone to see what life gives you.  Keep your chin tucked, enjoy the ride, and live life to the fullest!

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